Beyond Capital
an Ecosystem

Fitness Ventures is an ecosystem of partners working together to achieve common goals.

Forging the Next Generation of Fitness Industry Leaders

Technology is the future of fitness

Technology enables exercisers, fitness facilities & professionals to overcome challenges and exceed their goals.

Fitness Ventures

Fitness Ventures is an ecosystem of partners working together to build technology companies that will become the next leaders of the fitness industry.


Partners Working Together to Create Industry Leaders

Limited Partners. Our LPs include industry leading fitness and technology companies.

Operating Partners. Our OPs are successful entrepreneurs from the fitness and technology industries.

Advisors. Our Advisors are amongst the most respected thought leaders from a broad range of industries.


Achieving Industry Leadership through Common Goals

Exercisers. Innovative apps, devices and equipment that enable exercisers to attain results.

Facilities & Professionals. Technology solutions that maximize retention and revenue for fitness facilities and professionals.

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